In 1981 we started a hobby that has lasted 30 years and    
developed into a small business.

Labrador retrievers are amazing dogs and we feel lucky     to
be involved with them.  We participated in hunt tests for       
many years, running our dogs and judging. We were active    
in all the hunt test arenas - AKC, NAHRA, and UKC.  What     
an exciting and fun time we had.

Our interest in producing healthy, intelligent Labradors         
grew and we began breeding.  Our goal has always been      
the same - keep labs retrieving on land and water - nurture     
their desire to work with us - work on improving health           
through the newest genetic tests and using the information
to produce healthy pups.  

Today we are primarily a breeding kennel.  We are active     
in picking up pheasants with our dogs at preserves like          
Highbrighton Farm,  Primland  and Christmas Hill.  
There, they have European style driven shoots as well as
tower shoots.  The dogs get lots of work and they love every
minute....and.... so do we!

Dogs from our kennels participate in field trials, hunt tests,   
agility trials, tracking, service dogs, obedience competitions,  
dock jumping, and one of our favorites ..... Lap dogs !

We hope you will consider an Amber Run pup!
UH HRCH Amber Run Ten
SHR Amber Run My Name Is
Amber Run Kennels  est. 1984
Amber Run Kennels
SHR Amber Run Hotrod Lincoln
Amber Run Brown Eye Eli
Lizzy and Mark Kurtz
AKC Junior Hunter Title